PIPVTR is an independent academic research institute and a non-government, non-profit, and non-partisan think-tank  duly registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2007. It is established to promote the principle of non-violence and uphold the culture of peace by conducting rigorous investigative studies , intelligence analysis, and peace research to understand the pathologies of terrorism in the Philippines. Learn more. 

Security analyst defends anti-terror bill,Read more.

Promoting Human Rights in Counterterrorism. Read more.

Human Rights and Terrorism. Read more.

Security Sector Reform and the Fight Against Terrorism. Read more.

Debates on PH Anti-Terrorism Law. Watch here.

Preventing Violent Extremism through the Principle of Non-Violence

We promote the principle of non-violence (the avoidance of the use of coercive force and the disengagement from armed activities) in order to counter and prevent the spread of violent extremism. We also support government and civil society initiatives to advocate the culture of peace, religious tolerance, inter-faith dialogue, and the practice of moderation. Learn more.

On the Proposed Anti-Terrorism Law. Read More

Anti-Terrorism Law: Beyond Constitutionality. Read more.

Terrorism in PH During the Pandemic. Read more.

Intelligence Reform and Counterterrorism Effectiveness. Read more.

Anti-Terrorism Lecture Series. Watch here.

Pursuing Counterterrorism Studies Through Seminars, Conferences and Trainings

We support the development of comprehensive, inclusive, holistic, gender-sensitive, human rights oriented, and lawful counter-terrorism measures by organizing events that encourage multistakeholders’ conversations on various approaches to overcome terrorism and violent extremism. Learn more.




IN MEMORIAM: Rodolfo “Boogie” Mendoza, Jr.

Photo credit: ABS=CBN

Boogie Mendoza, top spy vs communists and terrorists, dies. Read here.

Who is “Boogie”? . Read here.

Remembering Boogie. Read here.

Peter Lance’s Blog on Boogie. Read here.

Suspect’s Role in ’95 Plot Detailed. Read here.

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War on Drugs. Access here:
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Post-Marawi Terror Threat Assessment. Access here
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Maritime Disputes in the South China Sea. Watch here.
On Fighting Illegal Drugs. More here.

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On Marawi SIege. Watch here.
Evolving Threat of Terrorism. Watch here:

PIPVTR Special Projects promote peace and conflict avoidance in the South China Sea, effective and accountable governance of the intelligence and security sectors, and countering and preventing violent extremism as tools to overcome terrorism. Learn More

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