Marawi Three Years After the Siege

23 May 2017 – 23 May 2020

23 May 2020 marks the third year of Marawi Siege. To commemorate this event, we are pleased to share the following knowledge products to continue raising our awareness and understanding of many issues associated with it:

Photo Credit: Marawi City during one of the airstrikes carried out by the Philippine Air Force. Photo screenshot from a video file of ORCPA

Three Years After Marawi Siege: Terrorism In The Philippines Persists Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic. Read more.

COVID-19 adds to frustration of displaced families in battle-scarred Marawi. Read more.

Three Years after Marawi Siege: Coming to Terms with a Horrific, Unimaginable Ordeal. Read more.

Three years after militants laid waste to Marawi City, ISIS operatives are using the virus crisis to recruit new fighters. Read more.

Fallen heroes of Marawi siege honored on war’s 3rd anniversary, Read more.

3 years after the siege, displaced Marawi residents go online to demand their  return home. Read more.

Three years after Marawi siege, children face new battle against COVID-19. Read more.

Marawi residents still hope to return home after 3-year wait. Read more.

3 years on, Marawi bakwits face another danger – the coronavirus. Read more.

Marawi, 3 years on: 120,000 still displaced, now vulnerable to COVID-19. Read more.

The Battle of Marawi: From the Eyes of the Former Joint Task Force Commander. Read more.

COVID-19 Hampers Rebuilding Efforts in Marawi City | Video

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