PIPVTR is an independent academic research institute and a non-government, non-profit, and non-partisan think-tank  duly registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2007. It is established to promote the principle of non-violence and uphold the culture of peace by conducting rigorous human rights conscious, gender sensitive and environmentally protective investigative studies, intelligence analysis, and peace research to understand the pathologies and ramifications of terrorism in the Philippines.

2022 International Symposium on Global Maritime Cooperation and Ocean Governance (SGMCOG)


President Duterte Signs Republic Act 11479 or the Philippine Anti-Terrorism Law of 2020. Read RA 11479 here. For our analysis, read here and here.

Preventing Violent Extremism through the Principle of Non-Violence

We promote the principle of non-violence (the avoidance of the use of coercive force and the disengagement from armed activities) in order to counter and prevent the spread of violent extremism. We also support government and civil society initiatives to advocate the culture of peace, religious tolerance, inter-faith dialogue, and the practice of moderation.

Pursuing Counterterrorism Studies Through Seminars, Conferences and Trainings

We support the development of comprehensive, inclusive, holistic, gender-sensitive, human rights oriented, and lawful counter-terrorism measures by organizing events that encourage multi-stakeholders’ conversations on various approaches to overcome terrorism and violent extremism.

Conducting Research to Understand Terrorism

We study various responses and countermeasures to threats of political violence and terrorism in the Philippines and we examine  the implications of these threats for local peace and development, national and international peace and security, regional stability, and global order.

Pursuing Intelligence Reforms and Security Sector Transformations to Fight Terrorism with Justice

We conduct research and studies in order to promote responsible and accountable governance of the intelligence and security sectors in the Philippines through intelligence reforms and security sector transformations in order to fight terrorism with justice.

Promoting Peace and Avoiding Armed Conflicts in the South China Sea through Friendship, Cooperation and the Rule of Law

We organize events and conduct research in order to promote peace and avoid armed conflicts in the South China. We also collaborate with other like-minded academic institutions in the Philippines and abroad to sustain friendship and enhance cooperation in the South China Sea through the rule of law.

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In Memoriam

Rodolfo “Boogie” Mendoza, Jr.

Founding PIPVTR President, a proud member of PMA Class 78, retired Police General, legendary anti-communist intelligence officer, and consummate psywar practitioner, died of a heart attack last 28 March 2018. He was 64.




Al-Harakatul Al-Islamiyyah: Essays on the Abu Sayyaf Group, Terrorism in the Philippines from Al-Qaeda to ISIS. Order the book here.

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We do extensive research on peace, terrorism, and violence from different perspectives and narratives.

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